Lake Erie Freshwater Drum
~ aka Sheepshead Fishing Charters
Casting ~ 1-2 Anglers = $300

Want to catch big fish until your arms hurt?

You’ve always dreamed of that day when you reeled in so many big fish you wanted your arms to fall off. Captain Randy can make that day happen.

Nibble This Charters offers fishing options for one of Lake Erie’s most overlooked game fish; the sheepshead or freshwater drum. Powerful and willing to bite a variety of offerings, these fish will challenge your gear and your body. And your perseverance.

Typically, sheepshead run from 5 to 15 pounds – but it’s possible to hook into a 20# or 30# fish. The World Record is a 54# BEAST. That’s FUN!

Sheephead - Freshwater Drum Fishing
Lake Erie Sheepshead - Freshwater Drum Charter Fishing
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Lake Erie Freshwater Drum ~ aka Sheepshead Fishing Pics