Lake Erie Perch Fishing Charters

Lake Erie perch fishing. You’ve heard about it, and probably read about it. Really…is the perch fishing that darned good up there?

YES. Lake Erie is a WORLD CLASS perch fishery. These Lake Erie fish are solid representatives as to the quality of Lake Erie fishing.

Perch fishing is a great activity for anglers of all ages and skill levels. And when these fish get to biting – which happens very often – it makes for an action-filled, memorable day that you’ll also remember at the dinner table for several meals.

Jump aboard Capt. Randy’s Yar-Craft and enjoy a six-hour day on beautiful Lake Erie for one of the tastiest fish that swims.

Up to three anglers can ride aboard. It’s not necessary to troll for perch…we find them and follow the fish along as they follow the bait.

Lake Erie Perch Fishing Charters
1-3 anglers: $450.00

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