I am a seasoned tournament professional angler and an MWC 2016 World Walleye Champion, and will tailor your trip to any level of experience you bring to the boat…

  • A family wanting to introduce the kids or spouse to fishing
  • A group of friends looking for a fun fishing charter
  • Novice anglers looking to expand their skill set
  • Seasoned anglers who want to dig deeper into specific tactics.

Randy Gaines Joins H2H PWS Roster for 2021!

Nibble This Charters Captain Randy Gaines will be fishing the H2H Pro Walleye Series this year! He is one of 32 anglers who will fish April through August to qualify for the $100,000 Championship in October. Tight lines and BIG weights make for a great season! We’ll keep you posted, so check back often! First event is in April.

Head2Head Fishing Tournaments

CONGRATULATIONS Randy Gaines H2H Lake McConaughy Champion!

Randall Gaines prevailed after five days of intense fishing, and he took home a well-deserved championship! Looking back on the BRACKET roadmap Randall was able to knock out some great sticks. Randall fished against Jeremy Zimmerman, Robert Blosser, and of course our McConaughy miracle-man Bryan Bell! Click to read the whole recap 

One of the greatest joys in my life is fishing. It always has been for as long as I can remember. One way I can elevate my love of fishing is to share my favorite fishing destination, Lake Erie, with clients through providing guided fishing excursions. I recognize a fishing trip to Lake Erie, is often a “bucket list” experience and I take great pride in providing a “bucket list worthy” adventure with great memories.

I also take pride in being a female friendly Charter Captain who provides multiple all female charters each year. (references available upon request)

Lake Erie perch fishing. You’ve heard about it, and probably read about it. Is the perch fishing that darned good up there?

YES. Lake Erie is a WORLD CLASS fishery. These healthy perch are solid representatives as to the quality of Lake Erie fishing.

Perch fishing is a great activity for anglers of all ages and skill levels. And when these fish get to biting – which happens very often – it makes for an action-filled, memorable day that you’ll also remember at the dinner table for several meals.

Jump aboard Capt. Randy’s Yar-Craft and enjoy a six-hour day on beautiful Lake Erie for one of the tastiest fish that swims.

Up to three anglers can ride aboard. It’s not necessary to troll for perch…we find them and follow the fish along as they follow the bait.

You’ve always dreamed of that day when you reeled in so many big fish you wanted your arms to fall off. Captain Randy makes that happen.

Nibble This Charters offers fishing options for one of Lake Erie’s most overlooked game fish; the sheepshead or freshwater drum. Powerful and willing to bite a variety of offerings, these fish will challenge your gear and your body. And your perseverance.

Typically, sheepshead run from 5 to 15 pounds – but it’s possible to hook into a 20# or 30# fish. The World Record is a 54# BEAST. That’s FUN!

Sheephead - Freshwater Drum Fishing
Lake Erie Sheepshead - Freshwater Drum Charter Fishing